🌈 Model N 🌈 Big pants. Front hook, front zipper, high waist, Hanako fabric - Nan

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Product details Model N 🌈 Big pants. Front hook, front zipper, high waist, Hanako fabric - Nano fabric, ready for shipping, S - 2XL, there is a collection of destination.

Big straight leg pants, model N, this model has a high waist shape, elegant, good-looking, adding confidence to girls.

This model can be worn to work or to travel. fashion for every occasion All products are SMSHOP label work.

This model is Hanako Nano fabric. Soft texture. Comfortable to wear. have built-in weight Not thick, not thin, just right (I don't see underwear, ladies).

This model of fabric is not ironed. It can be beautiful. It's suitable for very hurried times.

🌈 Detail model N 🌈

❣️ High waist pants.

❣️ front hook

❣️ 2 side pockets

🌈 Size pants model N 🌈

S πŸ‘‰πŸ» waist 25-26 hip 36 thigh

M πŸ‘‰πŸ» Waist 27-28 Hip 38 Thigh

L πŸ‘‰πŸ» Waist 29-30 Hip 40 Thigh

XL πŸ‘‰πŸ» Waist 31-32 Hip 42 Thigh

2XL πŸ‘‰πŸ» Waist 33-34 Hip 44 Thigh

- Crotch length 12 inches

- pants length 40 inches

- Leg tip 9-9.5 inches

Model is 170 cm tall and wears size S.

❗️ Size may be inaccurate +- 1 inches due to sewing work. Seller doesn't measure every item.

❗️ This model is a high waist shape. Please measure the waist above the navel for accuracy.

❗️ Photos from real products. There may be slight size and color differences.

❗️ The shop will stop accepting and changing products. If unsure, ask the shop first.

πŸš› Shipping πŸš›

The shop uses flash transportation. Shipping Monday - Saturday.

Cut the delivery round before 08.00 (according to the daily order queue). The day depends on the area.

❗️ If the product doesn't match the order, wrong size, wrong color, inform the shop after receiving the product within 2 days or damaged from transportation. Inform via chat. Seller takes care of But if the review is considered to accept the product The shop is responsible for the delivery fee (Thai post office only registered) up to 30 baht.

❗️ Permission to not accept, change address, pants model, size, color via chat.

❗️ Ask for more information via message anytime. The shop will try to reply as soon as possible.




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Specifications of Model N 🌈 Large straight leg pants Front hook, front zipper, high waist, Hanako fabric - Nano fabric, ready for shipping, S - 2XL, there is a collection of destination.

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    No Brand

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  • pants length

    full length

  • pants type

    big leg

  • material

    Nanohanako cloth

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